Projects hosted by DaSCH

Basic research data from memory institutions open for research

Lexicon Iconographicum Mytologiæ Classicæ (LIMC)

The LIMC is an exhaustive collection of data and images about classical mythologies. It has been assembled during the last 30 years and published on paper and as a database. The foundation that organised and financed the LIMC has been dissolved a few years ago. The data is hosted by the DaSCH and will soon be available.

License: to be determined


Photocollection of the Swiss Society of Folklore

This photographic collection encompasses an exhaustive documentation of ancient Swiss folklore and old crafts and artistry together with complete metadata.

License: to be determined


Photocollection of the "Kunsthalle Basel"

The "Kunsthalle Basel" has an exhaustive photographic documentation if exhibitions since the 1920ies. The Photographs not only show the works, but give also impressions of the exhibitions settings etc.

Please use the fulltext search to find images concerning specific artists (e.g. enter "Beuys" into the text field)

License: to be determined


Inventory of Swiss stained glass

The complete inventory of Swiss stained glasses will be hosted by the DaSCH. Currently the inventory of the Canton of Geneva is available online.

Access: /

Documentation Library of St. Moritz

The Documentation Library of St. Moritz has a collection of about 12'000 historic photographs documenting the history of St. Moritz . Due to copyright restriction, the photographs are available only with a watermark.

License: CC BY-NC-ND


Archive Association Ostschweiz

Integration of scientifically relevant archival material, which is already available in digital form, into the DaSCH infrastructure (especially IIIF).

Status: in progress

Data from research projects

Anton Webern Gesamtausgabe

The Anton Webern Gesamtausgabe is a critical-historical edition which aims to make Webern’s entire oeuvre accessible to musical scholarship and practice in a scholarly form. The edition includes not only all the works Webern himself had forwarded to be printed but also their unpublished variants. It also includes compositions that were never made public in his lifetime, works from his youth and student years, as well as fragments, sketches, arrangements and revisions of his and other scores.

Status: ongoing

License: CC-BY-NC-ND-4.0 (contact for information)

BEOL, Bernoulli Euler Online

The project Bernoulli-Euler Online (BEOL) integrates the two edition projects Basler Edition der Bernoulli-Briefwechsel (BEBB) and Leonhardi Euleri Opera Omnia (LEOO) into one digital platform available on the web. In addition, Jacob Bernoulli's scientific notebook Meditationes – a

document of outstanding significance for the history of mathematics at its turning point around 1700 — will be published, offering a multilayer access to the user (facsimile, transcription, critical text, translations, indices, and commentaries). BEOL is implemented within Knora/SALSAH,

a generic virtual research environment (VRE) for the humanities.

Status: ongoing, Beta-Version available (based on DaSCH/Knora)

Access: (Beta-Version, open access)

DYLAN (Language dynamics and management of diversity)

The DYLAN project sought to identify the conditions under which Europe's linguistic diversity can be an asset for the development of knowledge and economy. The database gathers the administrative archives of the project, funded under Framework Programme 6 (FP6) of the European Union and involving 20 research institutions in 12 European Countries and ran for five years (2006-2011). It also hosts the research data (audio files, videos, transcriptions of multilingual interactions’ observation) of the University of Lausanne as a partner in this project.

Status: completed

License: to be determined, will by partially public



Lumières.Lausanne provides researchers and a broader public with sources (mostly unpublished) on the French-speaking part of Switzerland during the Enlightenment. Along with primary sources, secondary literature and biographical notices on key-figures of the cultural and political life in the 18th century, the project also make available the latest resources and information concerning this research field and publishes on a regularly basis new transcriptions of historical sources.

Status: ongoing

License: partially public


Drawings of gods: a multicultural and interdisciplinary approach of children’s representations of supernatural Agents

Focusing on the study of children’s representation of god, this project gathers more than 6500 digitized drawings from various countries (Switzerland, Japan, Russia, United-States, Brazil) along with individual questionnaires and drawings annotation to collect data regarding children’s psychology and culture. (see

Status: ongoing

License: to be determined, will be partially public


Hotel de Musique Berne

Database documenting the performances at the "Hôtel de Musique" in Bern between 1766 to 1905. It contains information about theatre, opera and ballet performances as well as concerts.

License: CC BY-NC-ND


Ship of fools – text and images in early prints from Basel

The goal of this project has been to analyse the image-text relations within a corpus of about 20 incunabulas grouped around Sebastian Brant's “ship of fools” (Das Narrenschiff) which contains about 1000 woodcuts. The project has been initiated by Prof. B. Schellewald of the Institut of Art History in Basel in collaboration with the Digital Humanities Lab.

License: CC BY 4.0


Resources: incunabula:book, incunabula:page

Bruno Manser Fond

Status: in preparation.

War photography during the Bosnia conflict 1992-1995

This is a PhD project hosted by the DaSCH. The photographs and Metadata are not available publicly. Please contact the DaSCH in order to access this data.

License: still in retention period (contact DaSCH for information)

Access: -

"Geschichte der Stadt Basel" by Rudolf Wackernagel

The digitised book of the History of the City of Basel by Rudolf Wackernagel (1855 - 1925) including the raw OCR texts.

License: CC BY 4.0


Kuno Räber-Edition

Collaboration with NIE-INE

The portal contains all of the author's poems with the preliminary textual stages from the artist's estate. Through manuscript reproductions, diplomatic transcriptions and synoptic representations you can follow the text history of each poem in detail.

Status: finished (Beta-Release, based on DaSCH/Knora)



HyperHamlet is a database of references to Shakespeare's most famous play. Structured as a hypertext of Hamlet, it gives access to thousands of extracts from later texts that quote particular lines. Extracts which mention certain characters or scenes can be searched for these names and motifs (see

Status: finished

Découvrire Delille

Status: started

Das literarische Feuilleton des Exils in der Schweiz – Die Basler National-Zeitung

Ein Dissertationsprojekt von Bettina Braun unter der Leitung von Prof. Karl Wagner, Deutsches Seminar, Universität Zürich.

Status: starting

  • A gender perspective on film character and stardom: studying the production of film representations in the forties (Claude Autant-Lara collection, Swiss Film Archive)

    This project aims at understanding the making of gender’s representation in 1940s french film production. The analysis of textual sources generated by the production of films will allow to study the status of the stars and their corresponding characters and to replace the creation process within its socio-historical background. The digitized archives of Claude Autant-Laura (scripts, legal documents, letters, etc. forming the archival material of Claude Autant-Lara held by the Swiss Film Archive) are not available publicly due to copyright restriction (see

Status: starting

  • «Théâtre de société»: mirror and conscience of society (Age of Enlightenment - Second French Empire)

    This research project focuses on the unacknowledged phenomenon of (enlightened) amateurs’ representations in semi-private or private contexts, particularly aristocratic. It addresses the functions (social, moral, educational) of theatre in the society and seeks to define the peculiarities of the « théâtre de société » by capturing its distinctive features through the recording and mapping of its manifestations in historical sources (see

Status: starting

  • Religious speech embarrassed, radio debates and controversies around gender: Switzerland and France, 2006-2016

    The project targets two main controversies in the radio debates in Switzerland and in France from 2006 to 2016 : religion and gender. By identifying the actors and the main topics at stake in two daily broadcasts throughout this period, historiographic and ethnographic studies will be undertaken in order to pinpoint national peculiarities within political debates and converging trends within european political context (see

Status: starting