The Data and Service Center for the Humanities DaSCH is a Swiss national research infrastructure. As a competence center for digital methods and long-term usage of digital data, DaSCH supports researchers of the Humanities in the use of state-of-the-art digital research methods. We focus on textual data and associated digital objects (bitstreams such as images, sound, video) from all areas of the Humanities (including law and theology). DaSCH promotes standards and best practices which allow scholars to implement an “open data” and “open science” policy in their field. These goals are achieved by the following services and standards.

  • DaSCH provides a repository and tools which allow long-term access to Humanities' research data for the research community. It operates in accordance with FAIR principles and international standards for interoperability and is registered at the international data repository registration platform and at
  • We support scholars in generating new and re-using existing digital research data for cutting-edge research.
  • We provide second-level support to local research-IT departments of Swiss institutions of higher education.
  • We offer training, further education and documentation on the topics of data management, FAIR principles, IT-standards, interoperability, use of infrastructure and on the tools provided by DaSCH. Such training is provided through workshops, courses and national events in doctoral education. It includes online courses, classroom training as well as written documentation and tutorials.