About the DaSCH

Since 2017, the Data and Service Center for humanities (DaSCH) has been a member of the Swiss Academy of Humanities and Social Sciences. The main task of the institution is to operate a platform for humanities research data that ensures access to this data.

Mission Statement

The primary goals of the DaSCH are: Preservation of research data in the humanities and their long-term data curation. / Providing services for researchers to assist them with the data life cycle management. etc.


Research data that is stored on the DaSCH platform is usually accessible to everybody* and can be accessed either through a generic browser or RESTful interface / Digital data created during research can be transfered to the DaSCH infrastructre / Consulting for dealing with research data.

Projects hosted by DaSCH

Hans Eugen Steiner / Côté chaire, coté rue. La réforme à Genève 1517-1617 / Musikwissenschaftliche Datenbank (MLS) / Photocollection of the Swiss Society of Folklore / Archive Association Ostschweiz / Gottfried Keller-Edition / Mining Goodreads etc. ...

Project Inquiry

The best way to get in contact, is to write an email or to call us. Get the information from our contact page or from the team page. But if you already have a running project or an idea of a project, which should be hosted by the DaSCH, please use our detailed contact form:

This survey helps us to get your project information in a quick and structured way.

Data and Service Center for the Humanities DaSCH

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